Press release
June 2004

ULYSSE NARDIN has been awarded the Innovation Prize
for the fourth time in 5 years.

Ulysse Nardin continues to amaze the watch-making world with its outstanding innovations in mechanical watch making. Previous award winning Ulysse Nardin timepieces include the GMT Perpetual, the Freak and, in 2003, the Westminster Minute Repeater Jaquemart Tourbillion Genghis Khan. Ulysse Nardin devoted over 6 years to the development of the revolutionary Sonata, which is driven by an in-house, designed and manufactured automatic movement.

The Sonata chimes for approximately 1 minute when the alarm is activated. The sound is of the same quality as a minute repeater but considerably louder. The alarm can be set precise to a minute with the 24 hour countdown setting or with the alarm setting. The Sonata is also equipped with the patented Ulysse Nardin GMT +/- function, a second time zone indicator and a two digit big date. Each movement is assembled by hand.

The case is available in white or pink gold, is water-resistant to 30 meters and in four unique dial executions. The local time is changed by simply pressing the pushers "plus" or "minus". The date adjusts automatically forward or backwards if the time setting goes past midnight.