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Swatch Group : Changes within the Executive Group Management Board and the Extended Group Management Board

Biel/Bienne, 12 January 2005 –Due to several changes last year, the Swatch Group is increasing the number of its members of the Executive Group Management Board by three to again eight members, and is strengthening the Extended Management Board by adding six, adding up to fourteen members. The new members reinforce, among others, the luxury segment, the electronic and production divisions and the distribution sector.
The folllowing new members have been appointed members of the Swatch Group Executive Group Management Board per January 1, 2005:

  • Florence Ollivier-Lamarque (F) – member of the Extended Management Board since 1992 and with the Swatch Group since 1988. Mrs. Ollivier-Lamarque is Country Manager of France, President of Swatch Group France Les Boutiques and in addition, within the Management Board, also responsible for the Flik Flak brand as well as the Spanish and Italian markets. Mrs. Ollivier-Lamarque is member of the „Comité Colbert“ in France.
  • Mougahed Darwish (CH) – member of the Extended Management Board since 1994 and working in the Group since 1979. Mr. Darwish is President of the companies of the electronic sector of the Swatch Group: EM Microelectronic-Marin, Micro Crystal, Lasag, Oscilloquartz, Omega Electronics, Renata, and Sokymat. Mr. Darwish represents the Group on the Board of CSEM. He is also member of the Swiss Academy of Technical Sciences.
  • Marc Alexander Hayek (CH) – member of the Extended Management Board since 2002, active in various companies of the Swatch Group (Swatch and Certina) and since 2001 with Blancpain, first as marketing responsible and afterwards as President, after his activity as independent entrepreneur.

The Executive Group Management Board therefore includes henceforth the following eight members:

Nick Hayek Jr. (President)
Arlette Emch
Florence Ollivier-Lamarque
Mougahed Darwish
Edgar Geiser
Marc A. Hayek
Hanspeter Rentsch
Roland Streule

The following six new members have been appointed to the Extened Group Management Board:

  • Matthias Breschan (A) – With the Swatch Group from 1996 to 1999 (Swatch) and since 2003 President of Hamilton Ltd.
  • Manuel Emch (CH) – With the Swatch Group since 2001, President of Jaquet Droz SA
  • Thomas Meier (D) – With Swatch Group since 2001, since 2004 President of ETA AG
  • Frank Müller (D) – With Swatch Group since 2002, President of Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe GmbH
  • Kevin Rollenhagen (USA) – With the Swatch Group since 1990, Country Manager of Hong Kong
  • Rudolf Semrad (A) – With the Swatch Group since 1995, Country Manager of Austria

The Extended Group Management Board comprises from now on the following fourteen members:
Matthias Breschan
Edmond Capt
Rudolf Dinger
Manuel Emch
Yann Gamard
Walter von Känel
Thomas Meier
Frank Müller
Kevin Rollenhagen
Rudolf Semrad
Jerry Simonis
Peter Steiger
François Thiébaud
Steven Urquhart

The Extended Group Management Board meets once a month together with the Executive Group Management Board.

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