Press release

Swatch Group confident that 2005 sales will continue to grow

Biel/Bienne, 21 April 2005 – The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH informs today in its statistics of March 2005 that watch exportations decreased by 5.6% and that the number of units (finished watches) dropped by 35% compared to 2004.
The Swatch Group shows no decline in March 2005, except for Swatch. The brand launched new models in March 2004 and changed, this year, its launching rhythm for its collections. A launch always generates a perceptible sales increase. Despite the temporary effect of the Swatch watch brand, Swatch Group continues to gain considerable market shares.
After the international watch and clock exhibition Baselworld’05, Swatch Group sales show already in April 2005 a strong increase compared to 2004. Moreover, Baselworld took place earlier in 2005, with the result that many retailers bought less in March 2005 than in 2004. However, they are compensating noticeably already in April 2005.
Based on all the facts, results and informations available, the Swatch Group management is confident that sales will continue their growth as foreseen.


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