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Five independent watchmakers announce a strategic alliance. Their goal is upholding the highest standards of traditional Swiss watchmaking and revitalizing the art of contemporary horology.

TIME AEON, a new strategic watchmakers’ alliance, aims to support, promote and uphold the art of fine watchmaking. TIME AEON’s founding fathers include some of the world’s finest master watchmakers.
“Restore the watchmaker to his leading role and maintain the highest quality in the art of watchmaking.” These are the guiding motivational factors of this alliance of five exceptional independent watchmakers: all of whom are active creators of haute-horology. The Swiss company, “TIME AEON,” was founded in June 2005. The TIME AEON team includes: Philippe Dufour (Le Solliat), Vianney Halter (Ste-Croix), Kari Voutilainen (Môtiers), Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey (La Chaux-de-Fonds). These men have chosen to unite their strengths and expertise in upholding the fine art of watchmaking, and to promote sound ethical practices.
TIME AEON is not a brand name. The five founders reaffirm that they will continue working independently; however, through the TIME AEON alliance, they aim to jointly resolve any issues that they have in common.
These issues include:
- a feeling of isolation,
- a lack of creative and technological synergies,
- a loss of knowledge and skills,
- a depletion of a highly qualified and skilled workforce,
- the desire and need for further development,
- ensuring that watchmaking is fully recognized as its own art form.

TIME AEON groups three important entities under its umbrella: Alliance, Heritage and Enterprise. Each of these is designed to address specific concerns in the above.
Martial Fragnière and Laurent Bardet, administrators and co-founders of TIME AEON, firmly believe in the need to support, promote and uphold the art of haute horology. In order to finance the alliance’s objectives, TIME AEON will sell exclusive models of the member’s watches: these will carry the alliance’s distinctive stamp.
To preserve the inestimable savoir-faire of these master watchmakers, the alliance has drawn its inspiration from the philosophy and knowledge sharing tradition of the trade guilds. The alliance’s founders have also made the following commitments:
- to perpetuate their know-how,
- to utilize the art of fine watchmaking as a personal and original means of self-expression,
- to ensure that their horological masterpieces are created in the spirit of the highest quality and excellence,
- to ensure that all components are finished to the very highest standard and following the very best practice of workmanship: thus guaranteeing the long term reliability and value of the timepieces.

TIME AEON publicly presented this strategic alliance and announced their intentions during their press conference which was held in Switzerland, on January 20, 2006.

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