Press release

The Swatch Group Ltd. to be listed on the Berne Stock Exchange

Biel/Bienne, February 9, 2007

The Swatch Group, which is already listed on the SWX Swiss Stock Exchange with which it maintains a close collaboration, has also recently applied to the Berne Stock Exchange (BX Berne eXchange) to list its stock (bearer shares and registered shares) on this exchange as well.
The Berne Stock Exchange Association, which operates the BX Berne eXchange, has approved this application. Accordingly, Swatch Group shares will be listed on the BX Berne eXchange for the first time on 15 February 2007.
With this step, the Swatch Group, as the largest private Bernese corporation, demonstrates its solidarity with the Bernese Exchange, with which it has always maintained good contact. In addition, the Group also wishes to illustrate that competition between exchanges should be viewed positively, and that, in the opinion of the Swatch Group, there is room in Switzerland for two professionally-managed exchanges.
The Swatch Group is also pleased that the management of the SWX Group has confirmed that it wishes to remain completely independent and supports this decision.

Edgar Geiser, CFO, et Thomas Dürr, Corporate Treasurer
The Swatch Group AG, Biel-Bienne
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Béatrice Howald, Head of PR/Press, Swatch Group
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