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Blancpain SA and Vincent Calabrese, a love story

Paudex / Le Brassus, 23 June 2008

Blancpain SA, a company of The Swatch Group Ltd., is announcing that it acquired the company Vica Srl and, with this acquisition, the Vincent Calabrese brand.

Mr. Vincent Calabrese, who created the first of his famous watches, the Golden Bridge, in 1997, also co-founded the AHCI Horological Academy of Independent Creators in 1985. At the birth of this renowned academy he created and exhibited his first Tourbillon according to the principle of his "spatial watchmaking". This Tourbillon, which is entirely handcrafted and made in 18-carat gold, is suspended in a case of sapphires and therefore seems to float in space. It is a piece full of poetry, the purity and esthetics of which transcend its mechanical and technical complexities.

When Jacques Piguet, who at the time was the owner of Frdric Piguet SA and Blancpain SA, discovered this watch, he asked Vincent Calabrese to create a Tourbillon for Blancpain. This Tourbillon is one of the most beautiful watches ever made.

Vincent Calabrese has now decided to expand his creative opportunities and production facilities by selling the company Vica Srl to Blancpain SA. The Vincent Calabrese brand name as well as the facilities, developments and patents will pass into the ownership of Blancpain SA. Vincent Calabrese, an artisan watchmaker of extraordinary talent, will join the team at Blancpain managed by Marc A. Hayek, Managing Director, and become a member of the Executive Management Board. This will allow him to focus exclusively on research and the realization of unique projects for Blancpain.
With Vincent Calabrese, Blancpain SA will enhance its creative capabilities in relation to highly complex watches.

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