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Swatch Group: Gross Sales 2009

Biel / Bienne (Switzerland), 20 January 2010 – The Swatch Group emerges from the financial crisis 2009 in excellent shape.

  • Third-best year in the Swatch Group history with Group gross sales of CHF 5 421 million, a decrease of –6.3% on a comparable basis (at constant exchange rates and excluding 2008 divestments of Sokymat and Michel).
  • Significant rebound in sales in the second half of 2009, with a phenomenal record month of December, which also was the best month in 2009.
  • Watch segment sales with a decrease at constant rates of –5.5% largely outperformed Swiss Watch Federation export sales 2009, gaining market shares for the Group in practically all price segments and markets.
  • Production segment with sales decrease mainly due to order cancellations and a change in product mix.
  • Electronic Systems segment sales –14.5% lower than last year (excluding 2008 divestments of Sokymat and Michel), but steadily improving in the fourth quarter 2009 with increasing order inflow.
  • Improved operating profit margin and net income compared to the first half year expected; Group very confident of further increases in sales and margins in 2010.
  • Omega’s mission as official timekeeper at the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver and the Swatch Art Peace Hotel opening mid 2010 in Shanghai are two of the highlights to come, as well as significant developments of new products in most of the brands and new production systems in Switzerland.

Expected earnings 2009 and Outlook 2010

The Group expects that the operating profit margin and net income for the full year 2009 will improve compared to the first half of 2009. This improvement will be visible predominantly in the Group’s core business, the segment Watches & Jewelry.

With the prospect of a continuous recovery of the economic environment and the new developments realized in the last months, the Group is very confident that further solid organic sales growth will be achieved in the year 2010. A promising trend can be identified, based on the excellent sell-through figures in January 2010 as well as the order entries for the months to come. The positive outlook is also backed by the Group’s positioning in all market segments and its broad geographical presence. Consumer spending is expected to see a steady increase in most countries, with a growing middle class mainly in the emerging markets supporting this trend.

A positive impact on sales is also expected from Omega’s mission as official timekeeper at the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver, starting on 12 February 2010. Omega has been appointed the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games until 2020. Furthermore the opening of the Swatch Art Peace Hotel mid 2010 during the World Exhibition in the fantastic place of Shanghai will represent another milestone for the Group. The increased positive results of the Group’s research and development activities will also contribute to further sales growth.

Swatch Group: Gross Sales 2009 – PDF Document with more details (629 KB)

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