Press release
October 2003


Grenchen, October 2003

Encouraged by the success of its first CD-ROM ETASwissl@b presenting the caliber ETA 7750, the Swatch Group firm ETA SA continues the development and marketing of its interactive training concept ETASwissl@b. Four new CD-ROMs will be launched in order to introduce the calibers 111/2´´´ ETA 205.911, 101/2´´´ ETA 251.471, 161/2´´´ ETA 6497-2 and 111/2´´´ ETA 2892A2 to a wider public.

Let’s remember that every CD-ROM ETASwissl@b is not just a software program, it is a sophisticated and fascinating training concept aimed at all participants in the watchmaking industry. ETA SA has created a medium that helps to provide technical information about special calibers, particularly about the more complex movements. This tool is presented in the form of a CD-ROM which is mainly intended for qualified watchmakers, service centers, training instructors, watchmaking schools and other professionals of the industry on a world-wide scale. In a simple and interactive way the material shows how to service a movement, perform adjustments, and how to use the specific functions of the individual movement.

Every CD-ROM features the complete program for a specific caliber. Different animated and interactive modules show how to disassemble and assemble the caliber. They also explain the electric controls (for the quartz calibers), the working principle of the caliber (e.g. the Autoquartz principle), and furnish information about lubrication. Additionally, they include operating instructions for the chronographs.

The modules on Disassembling, Assembling and How to Use can be printed out separately to be employed as instruction material and to provide the customer in the shop with technical documentation. The documents are available in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) format, also included in the CD-ROM. They can be printed out beforehand or at the seminar location, which eliminates the need to carry a lot of paper when traveling.

ETASwissl@b presents the movement in a pedagogical way. Thanks to the combination of a computer and a laser beamer, a general overview and instructions can be shown on a large screen for a larger audience. The following languages are available in the main menu: English, French, German, Spanish, Danish and Italian. The ETASwissl@b system makes it very simple for small watchmakingshops to organize an in-house seminar. The only thing that is required is an ordinary computer with a CD-ROM drive. No additional software is needed.

The aim of the ETASwissl@b system is to enhance training for watchmakers and improve services to satisfy the requirements of the end customer. It is not always easy for watchmakers to leave the shop to join a seminar. The ETASwissl@b system helps motivate the members of staff of the individual workshop, allowing them to keep their knowledge up-to-date and ensuring a high level of professional skills.

Reserve or order your CD-ROM ETASwissl@b at the following address:

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