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New : the realm of watchmaking encompasses brands and their partners, as well as the watchmaker- craftsmen who produce rare creations (or modify existing ones on request). These artisans work in a sphere virtually beyond time, and their craft is reserved for a few fortunate connoisseurs.

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Each month, the "Experts talking" column develops a different case.
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 Lexique du Génie Horloger

INDEX (U.S.A. regulator). Device for altering the daily rate of a watch by lengthening or shortening the active portion of the balance-spring. The index is a steel part with two arms, the shorter of which a carries the pins embracing the spring, the other one b acting as a pointer, also called the tail or arrow, the end of which can move over a graduated scale. This is marked F S (fast,slow) or, in French, A R (avance,retard).

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