The realm of watchmaking encompasses brands and their partners, as well as the watchmaker- craftsmen who produce rare creations (or modify existing ones on request). These artisans work in a sphere virtually beyond time, and their craft is reserved for a few fortunate connoisseurs.

At present: Kurt Schaffo

Other watchmaker-craftsmen :
Philippe Dufour
Vincent Bérard

Kari Voutilainen

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Kurt Schaffo artisan d'horlogerie fine

In the tradition of the guild

"To the moment, may I say: linger awhile, you are so beautiful..." said Goethes Faust. Throughout time so many of us would like to capture time in a bottle, to preserve that moment of joy.
But time cannot be controlled or ignored, it pulls us along with it and lets the most cherished moments slip into the past.
Kurt Schaffo must also accept this undeniable fact, because hi is confronted with it daily. Day by day his handscreate these sentinels of time that reflect an unimaginable beauty. Like a monk in his cell, isolated in the solitude of the Neuenburger Jura heights, he meticulously joins miniscule parts of an almost diabolic gear system together.
For fifteen years now, Kurt Schaffo has been a member guild of the traditional watch-makers. He rigorously adheres to the stringent rules of an art of which masterpieces are kept in museums; timepieces, one of a kind, often very complicated and always handmade.
Each one is a small wonder, that are named with reservation "Watches".
What is the purpose of these creations of gold, precious stones and shimmering enamel? How much does the filigry piece cost? One dares not ask the price, as one holds the small jewel. Its creater answers with a knowing laugh, "One cannot live just from this passion alone."
Experts from all around the world know this address above Le Locle as one of the cradles of Swiss watchmaking. Whether they are collectors or admirers of beautiful and exclusive individual objects, they can reveal their wishes to Kurt Schaffo no matter how complicated they are. He does his best to turn these wishes into reality, because every customer is a friend that shares the same passion.
It goes witjout saying that every piece is extremely precise in keeping time and is accompagnied by a certificate of originality.
The price - it can be thousands or hundreds of thousands- depending on the material and the complexity of the mechanics.

Kurt Schaffo
Artisan d'horlogerie fine
Monts 76 / CH-2400 Le Locle
Tél.:+41 32 931 42 32 Fax +41 32 931 54 93


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