Without its partners, contemporary watchmaking would still be at the "cottage industry" stage and would be available for sale in very limited quantities and at inversely proportional prices!

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AROLA Alfred Rochat & Fils SA

The Vallée de Joux, at an altitude of 1000 metres, located north-west of Switzerland is part of the region called "L'Arc Jurassien" and is famous not only for the beautiful landscape with its lake and the mountains but also for its prestigious watch factories.
Probably because of the roughness of the climate, the locals have developped a unique skill for watch making and micro-mechanical work.
Long time ago, because of the long winters and the isolation due to bad road conditions, the locals had to find an occupation that hey could do indoors with very little space and with the knowledge that could only have been transmitted from generation to generation. Those people have created and still realise, the most complicated watch mechanisms in the world.
Mr Alfred Rochat, a local and a great watchmaker who trained people himself, created his own factory in 1941 with his trainees who had become fully qualified.
Having previously bought the brand name AROLA, he then created the firm "Arola Alfred Rochat and Sons Ltd" while still working with the world's most prestigious brands.

Le fondateur Alfred Rochat avec ses fils

The watches produced by this firm have had a constant evolution throughout the years, from the basic chronometer to more complicated features such as moon phasis indicator, tide indicator, double time zone and many more.

The products are based on existing patterns which are modified to add those complex features. This work is developped and realised by the technical team with digital technologies together with specific machinery adapted for the different ranges.
The aim of this evolution is to satisfy more and more clients, and it is also for the pleasure of the technical challenge.

Every watch made by Arola Alfred Rochat and Sons Ltd is not a simple watch, it is a technical jewel, made by a Swiss factory with great skills and passion for mechanical work.


AROLA Alfred Rochat & Fils SA
CH-1346 Les Bioux