Charriol : Colvmbvs

COLVMBVS Collection 2003
A World of Colour

New rounded numerals -elegantly raised on a mother-of-pearl dial, its silken hues intensified by the sparkle of diamonds adorning the case- are setting the stage for the romantic glamour and luxurious exuberance of CHARRIOL's new COLVMBVS watch collection.
THE NEW COLORS… This myriad of new pastel dials, with matching leather bracelets, captivate and enchant, mixing and matching large and small models in pallet of subtle hues.
The distinctive COLVMBVS features - manila crown and four decorative screws framing the curve of the case - perpetuate the characteristics of the original model.
"CRIOLO" A collection of "chocolate" dials…
There is also a new generation of dials, less spectacular and more classical, in chocolate color (collection "Criolo" for rectangle Lady, Man, tonneau and chrono models), silver or black finish enlivened by a "flinqué" design, a flashback to a bygone era, skilfully and elegantly reinvented by CHARRIOL.
The new COLVMBVS collection invites you to experience a different life in 2002, a new art de vivre la difference, elegantly yours, from CHARRIOL.












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