Corum: Classical

Classical "Heure Sautante" by Corum
voted "Watch of the Year"

The one driving the "Watch of the Year" is a mechanical hand-wound movement featuring a tonneau shape that can adapt to the most varied kinds of cases. Its key characteristic is an hour display by successive jumps through a trapeze-shaped aperture placed in the upper part of a domed, guilloché dial which appears to be distended, as if the large minute numerals, from 15 to 45, were stretched downwards and narrowed upwards.
They frame an off-centred dial with hour-markers, with a large cambered havana-type hand running over the minutes. The seconds hand runs over a mini dial with godrons, hollowed out just above the 30 minute numeral, as if it was trying to squash it.
The steel case with its plate-shaped conical profile, domed on top and curved below for a snug fit, give the illusion that the entire case follows the stretched form of the dial.
Classical "Heure Sautante" comes in a choice of three different dial colours (black, silvered or copper-coloured and silvered) in limited numbered editions of 300 each



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