F.-P. Journe: Sonnerie Souveraine

Sonnerie Souveraine

Wristwatch with an inverted grand strike/small strike chiming mechanism, is a unique piece invented and made by Geneva chronometer-maker, F.P. Journe. It was completed in 2000.
Journe's own construction puts the twin striking hammers under the dial where they are visible through an aperture.
The inversion means that the complex and exact steelwork of the chiming and repeating mechanisms can be admired through the sapphire-crystal display back for the first time.
No less original is the dial of silver on gold, with central hours and retrograde minutes, a power-reserve indicator and strike selection.

  • The button at 4 o'clock on the platinum case sets the chime:
  • small strike which chimes the hour and the three quarters in passing,
  • grand strike which repeats the hour at the quarter, or silence.
  • The button at 2 o'clock releases the minute-repeater.
  • The 13-lignes movement in a 40mm diameter case contains 450 parts for a height of 6.8mm and runs in 33 jewels.
  • The crown winds two barrels, one for the chime and repeater, the other for a 36-hour movement beating at 21,600 v/h.




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