Tissot: The Ball Watch



The Ball Watch

Tissot presents its own magical crystal ball The Tissot Ball Watch brings stylish working and living spaces a totally new perspective on time. Leaving the task of predicting the future to the objects found in fairytales, the Ball Watch concentrates on the fascination of the present and the past. Visible through the spherical glass is an intricately decorated, mechanical Swiss movement that meticulously monitors the passing of every moment. The past reveals itself through design elements reminding of traditional pocket watches, with the crown and attachment nostalgically commanding the 12 o'clock position and its pocket watch movement.

  • Features
  • Swiss Made ETA 6497 mechanical movement (16 ligne; 36.6 mm diameter, 4.5 mm height; decorated, 17 jewels)
  • Palladium-plated
  • Magnifying glass













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