Tissot: Silen-T



Good Vibrations for the Ultimate in Discretion and Revolutionary Technology

Touch the hours as Tissot produces another Tissot first for technology and innovation, the Silen-T combines the latest in tactile technology to offer the first ever watch that provides the time through silent vibration. Simply through pushing the crown and touching the screen you can set and read both the time and the alarm in a revolutionary way, that can appeal not only to the busy business executive who needs to be able to tell the time in a discrete manner, but also for the visually impaired, for whom this watch is a long-awaited breakthrough.
Building upon its revolutionary touch-screen technology T-Touch line, Tissot introduces this year its exclusive Silen-T watch: the first watch that enables the wearer simply to tell the time by touching the touch-sensitive watch screen and the calibrated bezel.
Gone now are the days of that nagging feeling in business meetings or in an interview that is going over time, that you just have to look at your watch but cannot do so without your interlocutor noticing. Simply by pressing briefly on the crown and then running the finger clockwise around the glass, the wearer can "fee"I the time through the constant vibration on the hour and intermittent vibrations for the minutes corresponding to one of the twelve raised indices on the bezel.
For the ultimate in discretion, the watch also comes with a silent vibrating alarm which, like the time setting itself can be activated and checked without needing to look at the watch face, simply through an action on the crown and an anti-clockwise movement on the screen.
This state-of-the-art technology, which has taken a number of years to develop, is also a welcome break-through for the sight-impaired community, who have long been seeking a mainstream quality watch that is water resistant and offers an elegant look and feel. With the Tissot quality and design, the Silen-T, with its smart polished lugs, raised bezel and characteristic "T" on the crown, is just what this specific community has been looking for and Tissot has been working closely with a number of associations to ensure that this watch fulfils all the criteria required.
The watch comes with a choice of black, white and silver dial and a stainless-steel bracelet or black strap in techno-leather for better water resistance. The Silen-T certainly promises to offer good vibrations to is wearers this summer, as it takes its place as the latest in Tissot's timeline of watchmaking innovations.


  • Tissot exclusive Swiss Made quartz movement with HM and silent alarm
  • Tactile scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with non-reflective coating
  • Water-resistant to 30 m
  • 316L stainless steel case
  • 316L Solid stainless steel bracelet or techno-leather strap with folding buckle
  • Movement Quartz: 13 1/2"', Tissot/ETA E15.001, 24-month battery







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