Zenith: Port-Royal

Taking inspiration directly from the urban and futuristic jungles of New York and Tokyo, the Port Royal Collection came into being when two epochs collided. From Metropolises to Megalopolises, Port Royal has taken one step further towards an avant-garde design by offering these new 2008 models with cases of even more massive and straight-edged architecture. Unique power, exaggerated proportions, athletic build, tight lines. The symbol of absolute virility, wearing a Mega Port Royal means channelling all one’s energy to one’s wrist. The individual can control his fate thanks to the taming of his inner strength, like a modern-day Samurai putting his entire strike force into a single punch to the heart of his timepiece. In other words, this is not a watch you can entrust to just anyone’s hands…

Mega Port-Royal Open El Primero Grande Date Concept

More avant-garde than ever, the new Mega Port Royal Concept goes even further. Its new case is structured like a skyscraper, it is imposing, it makes its own statement
The dimensions are impressive.
Made entirely of black titanium, a light and extremely strong material, it looks dark and combative.
For the dial, TR90, a very strong and translucent polymorphous material which was discovered as a result of space technology, creates a depth of field that produces
a trompe-l’oeil effect : the numerals and power reserve seem to levitate.
The Open shows the new El Primero 4039 C motor comprising 331 parts and 41 rubies. In the background, the upper plate can be seen, decorated with the famous chessboard that reproduces the skyscraper facades, the signature of the range.
This futuristic design allows the adjustment screws and the wheeling mechanism to be glimpsed as well as the 3-disk patented Grande Date system, a major innovation this year.
Another novelty, the power reserve has been redesigned as a horizontal accelerator pedal picked out with a bright red indicator.
Finally, the rubber strap forms an integral part of the watch, as though better to emphasise the majestic grandeur of the new case.


Mega Port-Royal Open El Primero Grande Date

This year a new model is added to the Port Royal Open in rose gold and stainless steel, already available in two sizes, the Mega Port Royal Open Grande Date.
A new vision for the future.
This timepiece has a new and more imposing case in brushed steel that stands out and is meant exclusively for strong personalities.
The basalt black or metal grey dials are chiseled with geometric perpendicular lines.
The power reserve design has been redesigned as a horizontal accelerator pedal picked out with a bright red indicator.
These two alternatives are offered with an integral matte rubber strap for a sporty look or in black alligator for a more elegant touch.
Mastering the passage of time is denoted with a day-by-day progression and for this a new complication has been added: the new El Primero 4039 B chronograph, visible as usual through the rectangular opening of the Open at 11 o’clock. It is endowed with a Grande Date whose functioning is made possible thanks to a revolutionary 3-disk patented system.


Mega Port-Royal Tourbillon El Primero

Decisively futuristic, this Tourbillon has a breathtaking design. Impressive materials and amazing watchmaking know-how. Housed in a new Mega case in black titanium, this prestigious Grande Complication is intended to eliminate the effects of gravity by enclosing the escapement in a gyroscopic cage. An enthralling piece with a unique style. The combination with the El Primero chronograph, pulsating at 36,000 vibrations an hour, makes it the fastest tourbillon in the world. And surprisingly, a grid riveted on the case encrusted with watchmaker’s rubies protects the sapphire glass. Inside, the TR90 dial plays with light and offers a view on the complexity of the 4007 C calibre. The movement comprises 298 components and 35 rubies and the Tourbillon cage is made up of 56 pieces weighing 0.45 grams. Finally, a silicon anchor ensures there is no friction on the escapement. Concentrated technology in a hallmarked and numbered timepiece.






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