This heading is intended for all enthusiasts wanting to know more about watches and horology in general. You will find profiles of watchmaker-craftsmen or partners as well as information on how watches work and various related subjects dealt with under " Experts talking".
Those who like paper as much as watches will doubtless be interested in our publication, Lexique du Génie Horloger (the glossary of watchmaking genius).

Watchmaker-craftsmen Partners
The realm of watchmaking encompasses brands and their partners, as well as the watchmaker- craftsmen who produce rare creations (or modify existing ones on request). These artisans work in a sphere virtually beyond time, and their craft is reserved for a few fortunate connoisseurs.

Without its partners, contemporary watchmaking would still be at the "cottage industry" stage and would be available for sale in very limited quantities and at inversely proportional prices!



 How watches work

The foundations of watchmaking, step by step, with illustrations and explanatory diagrams. Each month, a new section excerpted from the Lexique du Génie Horloger.


Experts talking

Each month, the "Experts talking" column develops a different case.
The author's aim, as connoisseur and authority about the matter, is to help you to understand the subject by making these informations comprehensible and digestive.
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 Lexique du Génie Horloger

INDEX-ADJUSTER or, in the U.S.A. regulator adjuster. Device for facilitating fine adjustements of the index to correct the daily rate of a watch. The simplest arrangement is a spring c, which presses the index-tail against a screw e. The screw is turned one way or the other to shift the index.

Already available, our Lexique du Génie Horloger trilingual and in three publishing:
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the book whose is extact how watches work.