Without its partners, contemporary watchmaking would still be at the "cottage industry" stage and would be available for sale in very limited quantities and at inversely proportional prices!

Others partners:


Audemars Piguet (Renaud & Papi) SA

Technical Bureau
Abraham Louis.-Breguet became the most famous watchmaker in history through his creativity and enthusiasm to look beyond tradition. It is this spirit that lies at the heart of Renaud & Papi .
Through the implementation of the most up to date techniques and the most modern tools available we create the products of tomorrow.

After the criteria has been defined by the client, the designer concerts his knowledge and ideas to « create » an original concept. This concept forms the base on which the product materialises in the form of arcs and lines trough the tools of modern technical design.

Optimisation of the mechanical elements

This calculation allows us to optimise the efficiency of the transmition of power through the wheels

These models permit the designer to verify the accuracy of his design and compare on a massive scale the function of components. Also to easilyview easily different excutions for problems ecountered. This stage is the first material realisation of the virtual construction.
Through computer aided virtuel design we are able to view the coherence of the final product, technical and aesthetic. The choice of materials, decoration and forms is determined.
Integrated into the technical bureau is the construction of the prototypes. Made to verify the accuracy of the movement designs at the true scale of the final product. The prototypist in collaboration with the designer view the necessary modifications which only become apparent with the prototype. The prototype must severly analise the piece during the assembly to search out any problems obvious or subtle which could later appear in the assembly of the final products.

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