Without its partners, contemporary watchmaking would still be at the "cottage industry" stage and would be available for sale in very limited quantities and at inversely proportional prices!

Others partners:


Audemars Piguet (Renaud & Papi) SA


The modern spirit which lies at the heart of RP follows equaly in the management and organisation of the many projects which will be operating at any one time. APRP is not an industrial manufacturer but a functional and coherent union of artisans. No less than 17 professions are represented with in.
Each movement of stock is accounted for and authorised on computor, in this way in « Real Time » the number and value of components is known. The stock is determinated by the calculation of requirements which in turn is governed by the quantities and deadlines dictated by the client.
When the requirements are defined, the series are launched in fabrication, following a predifined order of operations.
A planning programme determines the date when components will be launched in production with consideration to availability of machines, delivery deadlines etc.
Part of the planning is to determine the time for each machine, the order of construction for each piece and the date of completion of each opération. The management of resources is revaluated with these criteria.
For each department or outworker we compare the costs envolded to the budger established at the beginning of the tear.

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