Without its partners, contemporary watchmaking would still be at the "cottage industry" stage and would be available for sale in very limited quantities and at inversely proportional prices!

Others partners:


Audemars Piguet (Renaud & Papi) SA
The assembly of a movement is a time consuming and delicate operation that requires great patience, care and knowledge from each watchmaker.
The time keeping of a watch depends on the work of the watchmaker who adjusts the balance spring and escapement. His or her work consists of poising the different components of the regutatory organs.
The most delicate is the balance spring which requires a construction and shape which must rigorously adhere to theoretical design.
The assembly of a repetition or a grand sonnerie consists of between 400-600 parts and represents long hours for the watchmakers at their benches. A grand sonnerie consumes an average of 6 weeks per watch. Each watchmaker follows a special training which requires many months in our workshops before being able to understand the special nature and techniques required in the assembly of these movements.
The tourbillon invented by Breguet has returned to watchmaking with a notable sucess. With a view to further improvements of the accuracy of our movements. The assembling of this system demands a precision of quality watchmaking rarely found today, and results in an incomparable accuracy of time keeping in today’s world of mechanical watchs.